Storm Damage

The grounds at The Willows took rather a battering during the storms of the last few weeks.

Unfortunately one of the two willow trees that remain suffered badly when a large limb was torn off. This has now been cut up and removed, but the tree looks rather the worse for wear. However, willow trees are remarkable for their powers of regeneration, and it is hoped that some new growth forms around the remnant of the shattered limb, once this has been properly trimmed.

The rhododendron bushes located in the vicinity of where we hold outdoor Mass services also sustained considerable damage. Three of the largest bushes – which are the size of small trees – were ripped mostly out of the ground and had to be cut up for removal. The stumps remain, and it is hoped that some re-growth is possible.

The grounds look, perhaps, their worst at this time of year – but spring is just around the corner and all the blossoming plants will soon draw attention away from the damage suffered. Further re-planting during the growing season will also help to make the grounds look their best once again.

As ever, if anyone wants to join in with grounds maintenance their help will be much appreciated !

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