Paying Our Debts

Recently, we have paid in a further amount of £90,893.09 and £737.09 into The Holy Cross Parish Account from the estate of the late Joan Cook.

When this total is added to our current account balance we will have about £330,000. A wonderful position to be in by anyone’s standards.

However, we are in debt to the Diocese to the tune of £129,000 which is historic, covering the period 1997-2013 when the parish of St Joseph’s was in poor parish status and bills needed to be paid. The bulk of the debt is due to necessary repair and maintenance work being done on the church building over recent years, about £80,000. A sum of £90,000 plus was recently left to St Joseph’s for maintenance of the building which will be used to clear the bill of this retrospective work and help clear the remaining  amount owed to the Diocese.

By honouring our debt to the Diocese it will free us from any restraints that would otherwise have been put on us when the need arises to fund projects at either church in the future.  After a discussion with representative members of the Parish Finance Committee I can confirm that a cheque for £129,041 has been sent by me to the Diocesan Finance Office to pay our debt.

Fr Andrew

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