Old Willows School

Willows School

Willows School

The old Willows School was commissioned by Father Sherburne and subsequently extended and improved by Father Hines.

The school was situated on the corner of Ribby Road and Bryning Fern Lane, a site now occupied by  a development of residential housing.

The image provided here is from a  newspaper report just before the demolition of the building. The old school is warmly [is that the correct phrase?] remembered for its outdoor toilets. Also not to be forgotten were the sports [i.e. football] changing facilities, which consisted of changing outdoors and leaving clothes in neat piles within the arms of the ‘U’ formed by the  sides of the building [the other side of the building from that shown in this image].

The successor school, off Victoria Road, may have all modern conveniences, but not the same character-forming facilities !

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